The lamp creates the impression of dividing a room in two. By changing the appearance of the lamp, the surroundings are impacted. The room transforms as the appearance of the lamp is changed.

During the day the lamp enlarges the living space by reflecting an altered image of the room. By reflecting the room on its silver surface the lamp molds into a replica of its surroundings. However, it is not an exact reflection of reality. Through the spherical structure of the lamp, a change and distortion of its surroundings occurs. This gives a new dynamic to the room. Visually the reflecting surface enlarges the room through a surrealistic depth. In addition, daylight is reflected into the room, illuminating the surroundings. These characteristics give the lamp the ability to transform and enlarge small spaces.

In contrast, at night the lamp’s light transforms the room back into its original dimensions, altering the users experience. As the lamp is turned on, the silver surface becomes translucent. This enables the room to return to its actual size. A new world appears from the mirror, which creates a new experience and gives the room a more intimate and cozy feeling.